Security Guards Important Part Of Society

t1larg.police.juarez.gi_.afp_-300x168A bodyguard is a personal security officer who offers protection to clients from threats like kidnapping, assault and stalking. Bodyguard protects by assessing threats, planning treats and searching building s and cars. Event security los angeles style might be the only way to go. Preparation and presence is the necessity to prevent an attack but bodyguards are prepared to use force where it is necessary. Sometime, the bodyguards can serve as drivers to their clients. Most of people who wish to have bodyguards include those frequently in the public eye like celebrities and politicians and they may be at risk than civilians. Very wealthy individual may opt to have bodyguard for protection to themselves or their families.  Security services los angeles will be the one to look for. Employment of bodyguards can be found though private security companies or with individual client.


1. Educational requirements. This career does not require someone to have formal education or degree but training in defense, weaponry and combat are the main requirement at least in a very case. When a bodyguard has an education in criminal justice it gives him or her benefit of having a job. Armed bodyguard training can be offered by private companies to the current or potential employees and it includes classes in unarmed combat, threat assessment and first aid.

2. Licensing requirements.

For any person to carry a weapon, he or she must obtain firearm permit .Licensing varies in that in some regions of the country does not private security officers to carry concealed weapons.

3. Required skills.

It is requirement that a bodyguard to have skills like excellent vision and hearing, strong physical shape, experience in the field of combat and defense, active thinking, critical analysis, communications skills and familiarity and knowledge of wide rang of weapons both from offensive and defensive perspective.


The trained personnel in this field usually focuses on business protection plan like theft prevention, strict personnel, vehicles, visitors and merchandise access control. They implement the latest monitoring technologies which include security cameras and a computerized event and incident management system.

Cash management system which includes a state-of-the-art safe deposit box which verifies authenticity, keeps a record of cash, generating reports of transactions and cash management. Armed security guards are meticulously selected, investigated, scrutinized and trained to handle valuables. They work together with agencies throughout the world to assist and be assisted in our international valuables transportation needs.

executive protection mexico city are as important as it can be seen from above. So if you need them go to official websites of companies which offer security services and hire some.


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