Adventures Away From Home

PalmSpringsJeepCanyonOnset-300x199For someone one like me who never lived in Palm Springs, its easy to judge and imagine the lifestyle from films and pictures in magazines.The word out in the world from my Danish Copenhagen Context is that Palm Springs is a sunny place, and people lay all day at the beach drinking colourfull drinks or playing Beach Wally. But as a teacher who has worked with problems in the society and as member of the board in the Copenhagen Municipality with hate crimes and equal possibilities for all minorities, I have an idea that those social problem must also exist in shiny places as Palm Springs after the sun is down and the street lamps turned on. An Im wondering if the solutions we are working with in Denmark also can be used in Palm Springs. The new methods I have been implying to my surroundings and collages, are brand new and a bit controversial to some, but as I have implemented them in 12 years of teaching in the so called ghetto area I know it works on the streets and in the homes. Life style is not just about walking in the sun, it is also about how we feel while we walk there, and how others feel while they walk on the same streets we are walking on. And by accessing those feelings and be aware of how they actually impact our view and sight of our private Los Angeles coolsculpting, we can thereby raise our life quality tremendous.The most important things to have in mind when someone want to live in a new area they know little about is to engage in the social life, created by the civil society in the area, also to read the local papers and participate in arrangements going on in the streets or associations happenings, and thereby not only meet new people but also create a new and resourceful network of people and get connections which can be useful when problems has to be solved or answers has to be found.Last I want to encourage you all who want to go to Palm Springs, not to listen to other peoples bad experiences, go and get your own adventures, and be the part that make them positive. Listen to the local society and their warnings, becurse they are the people who know whats going on, they have to do’s and do not’s ready for you, and this will make the whole adventure so much easier for you.

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